Kay and P

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Kay and P: Issue 17, Page 08

6th Oct 2015, 12:00 PM in Issue 17
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Kay and P: Issue 17, Page 08
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Jackie M 6th Oct 2015, 12:00 PM edit delete
Jackie M
Ooooooooooh, plot stuff! So are you #TeamJack or #TeamP?

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Duncan 6th Oct 2015, 12:21 PM edit delete reply
I'm team Kay!
DizzasterJuice 6th Oct 2015, 12:43 PM edit delete reply
I agree with P. I don't much care for Jack either.
SeaCrest 6th Oct 2015, 5:04 PM edit delete reply
It should be 'should have,' not 'should of' :P
M.W. 6th Oct 2015, 7:13 PM edit delete reply
If anyone is not on Team P, I will be sorely disappointed.

Besides, if I were in Kay’s position, I’d much rather know what was actually trying to kill me rather than being murdered or maimed by an invisible monster that I thought was a gas leak or earthquake.
Guest 7th Oct 2015, 5:33 AM edit delete reply
Love your work :) just a small note: it's "should have left" and not "should of left"
Sorry for being a grammar nazi, but I think it's a recurrent error and just thought I should point it out ^^; keep up the amazing work!
DocMesa 7th Oct 2015, 4:22 PM edit delete reply
"Built for"?

By whom? For what purpose?